How to insert chart to flipping book pages?

With 1stFlip Flash/HTML5 flipping book maker for Mac/Windows, you can easily insert charts to any place of any flip book page.

Step 1 Download, install and run 1stFlip Flash/HTML5 flip book creator on your Mac/PC. Click Import PDF button to import PDF and then click the Edit Pages button.

Step 2 Click the Add Chart button, choose a chart type and draw a rectangle on the page.

embed chart to flipbook pages

Below are the 4 chart types: Line, Area, Bar and Pie. Select a chart and on the right you can Edit Chart Data, change chart background color and dataset color.

embed charts to flipbook pages

Click Edit Chart Data. You'll see a dialogue box appear. Here you can click +Column or -Column to add or delete Column (dataset 1, 2, 3...), double click any cell to edit cell value.

edit charts

Click +Row or -Row to add or delete rows.

edit charts

The result is shown as below:

edit charts

As for the Pie chart, you can only add rows:

edit charts

flash/html5 flipbook with chart

Moving the cursor over the chart, you can easily get any chart value.