PDF to Flipbook - Convert PDF to HTML5 flipbook in 3 steps

What is Flipbook

Flipbook is a kind of digital publication created by 1stFlip Flipbook Maker. Based on HTML5, it can be accessed and viewed on any device via browser with realistic page flip or slide animation.  

Flipbook features include:


Your flipbook will be responsive by default.

In narrow (portrait) browser windows, only one page will be shown.

In wider (landscape) browser windows, a two-page spread will be displayed.


Add hyperlinks, background music, audio, local video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, etc. to your digital flipbook.

Easy to share

It’s much easier to share a URL than an attachment. Upload your flipbook to 1stFlip cloud hosting or your own server and you will get a unique url. Share the url of your flipbook anywhere or embed it to your webpage/blog. When posting on Facebook or Twitter, the link will transform into a neat preview of your flipbook, prompting people to click it.


Set password to protect your flipbook. No one can copy the content, download or print the PDF unless you enable these features.


Integeate your flipbook with Google Analytics to makes them trackable so you can see the number of visitors, views, and clicks each publication gets.

With PDF to flipbook converter, you can easily convert any PDF file into HTML5 flipbook with realistic page turning animation. Readers can view your flipbook on any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices just like reading a paper book. This tutorial will show you how to convert PDF to flipbook on your Mac or Windows.

Download, install and run the PDF to Flipbook converter - 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.

We will take PDF to Flipbook converter for Mac as example. The interface is shown below:

PDF to flipbook converter interface

The interface of this pdf to flipbook converter contains 3 parts:
The upper part of the pdf to flip page maker contains 4 buttons: Import PDF (Step 1), Edit pages (Step 3), Convert or Upload Online Flipbooks (Step 4), Book Management and Desktop/Mobile view.

The lower part of the pdf to flipbook software is divided into the left and right part. The left part shows how your HTML5 flipbook looks like; the right part is Step 2, containing 3 tabs: Setting, Scene, and Bookmark. Step 2 allows you to customize flipbooks before converting PDF to local flipbook or uploading flipbook online.

PDF to flip books

Now let’s see how to convert PDF to local or online HTML5 flipbooks.

Step 1 Import PDF file to the PDF to flipbook converter.

PDF to Flash/HTML5 flipbook

Step 2 Configure Setting, Scene and bookmark for the flipbook animation.

Settings: Choose a template for your HTML5 flipping book under the Setting tab; also you can customize buttons, logo, text, background files, music, languages, flipbook size, etc.
Scene: If you don’t like the default background of selected template, choose one animated scene provided by this PDF to flipbook converter for your flipbook.
Bookmark: You can check the Import bookmarks button when importing PDF. Customize imported bookmarks or add new ones.

pdf to flipbook

Click Mobile icon on the PDF to flipbook converter toolbar to preview your HTML5 flipbooks.

Step 3 Convert PDF to local flipbook or upload flipbook online directly.

Convert PDF to local flipbook: 4 formats supported: .html, .zip .app and .exe.

.html flipbook allows you to upload to your website to view flipbook online.
.zip flipbook can be easily emailed to others as attachment.
.app flipbook is an executable application to be run on Mac.
.exe flipbook is an executable application to be run on Windows.


flexible publish options for flipbook

Convert PDF to flipbook in .html, .zip, .app, .exe format and you will get the following flipbook files respectively:

flipbook formats

Or you can choose the PDF to flipbook converter's instant publish function to upload flipbook to 1stFlip Cloud directly.

Upload flipbook Online:

Click Upload Online button and you will be asked to create an account. Enter your email and password.

Add title, description to your digital flipbook for SEO. Choose to create Flash-HTML5, Flash Only or HTML5 Only flipbook from the drop-down list. Then click Upload button and the uploading begins.

online pdf to flipbook converter

After uploading, you will get the URL of the book and can one-click to share to social networks.