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Convert PDF to web-based flipbook and make your content measurable and looks great on any device. The interactive web-based content will help you stand out in ways you never thought possible.

  • Convert PDF to flipbook with page turning effect.
  • Mobile-friendly and accessible anywhere.
  • Interactive and personalized.
  • Responsive and incorporate rich media.
  • Easy to find and share with given unique URLs.
  • One click to share digital flipbooks on social media.
  • Highly secure with online encryption and authentication.
  • Customize, upload, store and edit digital flipbook all-in-one.
  • Optimize your flipbook for a better search result ranking.
  • Add password to prevent unwanted access from your flipbook.

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Below is an example of how your PDF content looks like when converted to online flipbook.

How to use PDF Converter to convert PDF to flipbook

Unlike other PDF converter tools that allows you to convert PDF to word, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, HTML, etc. 1stFlip is a fresh-new PDF converter that allows you to convert PDF to online flipbooks. Then you and readers can view the PDF on any device vwith realistec page flipping effect. Send and share your PDF with a simple link.

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Import PDF

Download, install and run 1stFlip flipbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.

Import the PDF to 1stflip and now you can see the page flipping effect in the preview windows. What you see is what you get.


Customize flipbook

Choose one of our 21 pre-design templates to customize the look and feel of your flipbook. Change background image to dynamic scenes or add your own background image to create a unique look and feel for your web-based flipbook. Add your logo, background music, change button style, enable/disable buttons.

add video

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Enrich flipbook Content

1stFlip PDF converter makes your PDF more interactive with rich media like youtube video, vimeo video, local video, image, music, link, icon, chart, etc.

It also allow you to merge pdf files, adjust page order or delete unwanted pages.

Publish online/offline flipbook

Publish your flipbook online and then you can share or send it with a direct link. People with the link can view the flipbbook on any desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone with realistic page flip effect.

You can also embed the flipbook to your website or blog. Publish private flipbook with password protection if you don't want to public it.

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PDF to flipbook

Turn your static PDF documents into powerful HTML5 flipbooks with just a few clicks. 1stFlip will help you create a stunning flipbook with professional design, realistic page flip effects, interactive features, rich media, advanced analytics and more.

flipbook template

digital lookbook with multimedia

Flipbook with multimedia

PDFs let you include images and hyperlinks, but that's as far as it goes. Today's audience expects more interactive, personalized, and easily digestible content experiences. Convert PDF to flipbook and then you can embed YouTube video, Vimeo video, local video, on-page music, background music, icon, chart, etc.


Publish and share your flipbook

Imprisoning your content in a PDF will prevent it from being discoverable on social media and reaching new audiences.

Convert PDF to flipbook, upload it to 1stFlip server or your own website. Then you can share them on social media or send it to your audience with a unique trackable link.

Control onver your flipbook even after it has been share. Change title, description, add password, etc.

HTML5 flipbook maker

digital lookbook with multimedia

Track reader engagement

PDFs completely lack the ability to collect data. You can't see how much of it people read or how long they engaged with it. You can't see which links they clicked on. However, by converting PDF to flipbook, you can add Google Analytics to track your documents and measure marketing actions.


Digital flipbook features


Allows readers to search the flipbook and quickly find what whey want.

Brand logo

Include your company logo in the online flipbook to market your business.

Mobile friendly

View online flipbook on any desktop, laptop, tablet and phone via Browser.

Page turning effect

Simulate printed flipbook with page turn animations.

Embed on Your Website

Allow you to embed flipbook in a website that you own or manage.


Easy sharing the digital flipbook url on social media or via email.

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics to track your online PDF.


Readers can download or print a PDF directly from any eflipbook.

Convert PDF to interactive flipbook Now

Download flipbook Maker - Start making professional flipbooks right away! Online flipbook can be used for any type of business content including brochures, proposals, catalogs, white papers, eBooks, reports, and much more.

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