Publish PDF Online

With 1stFlip publishing platform, you can publish PDFs online as unrivaled online flipbooks. Amaze your readers with fabulous reading experience: static PDF turns to an online digital book in any browser, with realistic page flip effect, flip sound, background music as well as cool digital perks like bookmarks, links, GIFs, and videos! Online PDFs work well on desktops as well as iOS & Android mobile devices.

How online PDF looks like

The online PDF can be shared anywhere as a link. All you need to do is upload your PDF and it will be converted into an online flipbook that you can customize, share and track. Publishing PDFs online has never been easier!

How to Publish Your PDFs Online with 1stFlip

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Import PDF

Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.

Upload your prepared PDF file to 1stFlip and the tool will convert it into a digital flipbook in minutes.

Make the online PDF downloadable/printable or not as you like. Use Google Analytics to track the online PDF document.

Add interactive elements

Interactive online flipbooks will help you better engage your audience. To do this, the 1stFlip online publishing service allow you to add local/YouTube/Vimeo videos, music, audio, links, etc. to take your content beyond plain PDFs.

add video to pdf

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Click Upload Online to upload your PDF to 1stFlip document hosting. After uploading, you will get the url of the flipbook. You can easily embed it to your website and share it with your desired audience.


Upload your PDF and get a link to share

1stFlip web publishing service allows you to upload PDFs online and convert them into interactive digital flipbooks. Customize your flipbook, brand it with your logo and share it with your customers as a direct link Then you can track how they interact with your content.

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