PDF Online Hosting

Designed for uploading and hosting your PDF documents. Store PDF documents on 1stFlip to make your content well-known in the world through the internet.  

Highly Safe & Secure

1stFlip makes it extremely safe to host all PDF documents. If you need extra security you can create private documents and set up permissions. To view your online documents, readers should provide the authorization ID.

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Share Documents with Ease

It works across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PCs, and the web, so your readers can view it anytime and anywhere. Send the link to your readers and they can get instant access to the document. One click to share it on the social networks, like FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus.

Customize Settings Simple

Completing the basic settings of the document will help readers to locate your documents. If you are not satisfied with the default title and descriptions, just customize your own style description. Create your own group and make it easier to navigate through all documents.

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Effortless Embedding

1stFlip provides embed codes that let you insert your online documents into your web pages. To insert an embed code, simply copy it, go to your website’s content management system, and then paste the code to your html page.