Digital Brochure Maker - Create online Brochure

1stFlip Digital Brochure Maker helps you transform static PDF brochures into online interactive HTML5 brochures with realistic page turning effect and multimedia.

  • Professional PDF to online brochure converter based on HTML5.
  • Convert PDF into interactive digital brochures.
  • Create interactive brochure with music, video, YouTube video, button, etc.
  • Access online brochures on any platform: desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Create offline brochure in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
  • Upload brochure online to your website or 1stFlip Cloud.
  • Support searching, select and copy&paste brochure content.
  • Organize all online brochures with the Book Management.

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Online Interactive Brochure Examples

online digital brochure

Digital brochure page flip effect

With 1stFlip digital brochure maker, you choose your favorite template and select dynamic scene/background color/background image that fit your brochure. The template determines the overall layout and design of your digital flip brochure. It’s never been more fun to customize the brochure template with logo, background music, bookmark, toolbar color, toolbar language, button icon color, toolbar font, font color, etc.

customize digital brochure

digital brochure with multimedia

Interactive brochure with video/music

Engage your audience by adding local/YouTube/Vimeo video, audio, callout, etc. to your online brochures. Add hyperlinks throughout your brochure so the viewer can bounce directly to a relevant page on your website. Besides, you can reorder, add and delete flip digital brochure pages until they are arranged the way you want.

Publish brochures online

Publish your digital brochures online on your domain or 1stFlip cloud hosting, share via emails and through social media. The instant Upload Online feature makes it fast and easy to upload flipping brochure to 1stFlip Cloud. Also you can upload to own website/server with the built-in FTP client. Send a link to share with others. Embed to your blog/webpage with a few lines of codes or share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

online digital brochure maker

mobile friendly HTML5 brochure

Work with HTML5 brochures on mobile devices

1stFlip page-flipping online brochure maker makes it easy to view and interact with PDF files on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 devices. Interact with HTML5 brochures on mobile devices just as easily as you do on your computer. Tap to flip pages. Zoom in or out. And quickly flip to certain page with thumbnail window.

Create offline brochures

If you don’t want your digital page-flipping brochure to be available online, create an offline version with 1stFlip brochure creator. The offline digital brochure publication can be saved in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe, which can be viewed offline, and distributed via email, CD, or a server.

create brochure APP/EXE

online brochure protection

You online brochures are secure

Permission Settings allows you to make online brochure public: visible to everyone or private: visible to designated persons. To access private online flip brochures, readers must enter passwords first.

Free brochure templates

1stFlip pre-designed brochure templates will make your interactive brochures and your business look the very best.

free brochure template

Search/select brochure content

Search whatever you want within the page-flipping brochure.

Embed brochure to webpage/blog

Embed page flip brochure into your website/blog with the provided embed code.

Google Analytics Integration

Get even more detail on how readers find and use your brochures by integrating Google Analytics.


Enable or disable Download/print feature according to your preferences.