Interactive magazine examples

Unlike traditional PDF magazines, interactive magazines can allow for much greater reader interaction with a great range of digital elements including video and clickable links, thus introducing your brand to a wider audience.

Unlike PDFs, interactive magazines are fully functioning web pages with the potential to be fully indexed by search engines.

1stFlip interactive magazine maker helps convert your PDF magazine to interactive magazine with realistic page flip animation, Audio clips, Video, Links, Call-to-Action Buttons, Background music, Download, print feature, Text search and selection, Bookmark and thumbnail, etc.

Interactive magazine with realistc page flipping effect and multimedia content bings a fresh experience to your readers, compared to traditional static pdf magazine.

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Interactive magazine examples


Just like we do, you can also embed your interactive magazine to your webpage or blog, or share the online magazine link anywhere you want. Unlike PDFs, interactive magazines are fully functioning web pages with the potential to be fully indexed by search engines. By hosting the magazine on your existing domain, you can make sure that every click on your magazine is a click that counts towards your website tracking metrics.

Food magazine with page flip effect, links, background music. Readers are able to click through to relevant product pages. Download and share buttons are easily accessible on each and every page

Car magazine with page flip effect, YouTube video. Watch YouTube videos without leaving the magazine.

Travel magazine with page slide effect, with video embedded

What interactive elements can I add to magazine?

 1stFlip helps you pack a lot of interactive elements in your digital magazines: links, buttons, charts, audio, video, tags, captions, etc.


Include calls to action and links throughout your magazine, drawing your readers to the next article, or to the e-commerce sections of your website.

Audio/Video/background music

Each magazine can feature a variety of interactive elements, from video, audio, to background music. This means you'll have plenty of ways to keep readers interested in your content.



online Interactive magazine

Create, publish, distribute and track your interactive magazines with 1stFlip

Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac or Windows. Click "Import" button and choose your PDF magazine. After importing, you can preview the page flipping effect from the home interface. Click "Edit Pages" and customize your magazine with interactive elements.

  • Add your logo
  • Choose templates and scenes for your eBook, or use your own background image
  • Add background music
  • Choose page turn effect: flip or slide, single or double page view
  • Add password to your eBook
  • Add Google Analytics ID
  • Edit bookmark
  • Embed link, button, chart, video, audio, etc. to any page
  • Host interactive magazines on your website and drive more traffic to your site. 1stFlip cloud hosting is a perfect option if you don't have a website. Embed interactive magazine to your webpage/blog.

More interactive magazine features

Search&text selection

Allow readers to search magazine content and select text.

Company logo

Add your company’s logo to your online magazine, and it will lead people to your website in one click.


Professionally-designed and Customizable templates, scenes, backgrounds and buttons.

Enable SEO

Add title,description and enable SEO to move your company up in the search rankings.

Embed on Your Website

Host the interactive magazine on your server.

Social Sharing

Allow readers to share your magazines to social networking, all at the click of a button


Create interactive magazine with videos, music, photos or other animated elements.


Interactive magazines are downloadable/printable.

Google Analytics Integration

Every click counts towards your website tracking metrics..


Responsiveness and ability to seamlessly adapt to being shown across a range of devices.