1stFlip Digital Yearbook Maker

Replace traditional printed yearbook with digital interactive yearbook. 1stFlip yearbook maker allows you to create digital yearbook with realistic page turn effect. Your digital yearbook looks exactly the same as your printed ones, but they are interactive and easy to share. Allow readers to flick through its pages on any computer and mobile devices.

  • Powerful tool to create knockout digital yearbooks.
  • Simulate printed yearbooks with page turn animations.
  • Add video, audio, background music, link, button and other interactive elements to enrich your yearbook.
  • Great look on any device, mobile or desktop.
  • Share yearbook on social media or embed into website.
  • Publish your yearbooks online to 1stFlip Cloud-based server or your own server.
  • Add password to prevent unwanted access of your yearbook.

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How to make a digital yearbook with 1stFlip

The modern world has become digital with widespread access to mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, for children and adults alike. The traditional yearbooks are now giving way to personalized electronic (digital) yearbooks. Compared to printed yearbooks, digital yearbooks are easier to distribute and share. And they are more interactive with video, music, link, etc. integration.


add music to digital publication

Upload PDF/images or start from scratch

Download, install and run 1stFlip Yearbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.

Upload a PDF file or images and 1stFlip will convert it into digital yearbook with page flipping effect immediately. 


Customize yearbook

Choose an appropriate template and scene for your school yearbook, family yearbook or company yearbook. Personalize your own yearbook with your logo, background music, button style, etc.

add video

add music to digital publication

Add Interactive Elements

Add any YouTube, Vimeo, or your own videos to further captivate your audience. Add background music or add music to certain page.

Publish online/offline yearbook

Publish your unique digital yearbook to 1stFlip Cloud Hosting or your own server directly. Get the url and share the yearbook anywhere you want. Embed it to your webpage or blog.

Or output it in flexible formats: html, exe, app, zip, and plug-in.

add image to digital publication

Interactive yearbook with rich media

It’s really easy to create brilliant digital yearbook with 1stFlip yearbook maker. Import your PDF or photos and choose a free template.


Compared to printed yearbook, one of the advantages of digital yearbook is that it can contain video and audio. A yearbook is a collection of stories about the people who are connected through their unique experiences at a particular school. A simple digital photo only touches the surface. What could be more vivid than a video? Personalize your yearbook with audio and video. Never miss a school moment.


Access your yearbook on the web from any phone, tablet and computer.  Create user logins and permissions. Enable or disable download/print.

customize digital yearbook

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