Digital Flipbook Maker - Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbook

1stFlip Flip Book Maker provides the opportunity for everyone to make flipbooks with page-flipping effects from PDF files. This flipbook maker for Mac converts static PDF files to elegant page turning flipbook, magazine, brochure, catalog, eBook, report, newsletter, proposal, etc. with dynamic scenes, background sounds, logo and many other features. You can also use it to create page turning digital photo album, memory book, photo book etc.


Readers don’t need to scroll up or down or drag the scrollbar to view your PDF files, after you convert the PDF files to flipbooks with this flip book maker for Mac, all they need to do is clicking the flip button or auto flip button.

Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac. The interface is shown below:

convert PDF to Flash/HTML5 flipbook

This flip book maker for Mac is easy to use: 3 steps to make flipbooks and the interface contains 3 parts:

The upper part of the flipbook maker contains 4 buttons: Import PDF (Step 1), Convert or Upload Online (Step 2), Book Management.

The lower part of the flip book maker is divided into the left and right part. The left part is how your flipbook looks like after converted or uploaded; the right part is Step 2, containing 3 tabs: Setting, Scene, and Bookmark. Step 2 allows you to customize flipbooks.

After importing PDF files, choose templates and scenes. This flipbook maker provides 10 templates and 20 scenes. The lower right corner of the flipbook maker shows the detailed template parameters, allowing you to customize buttons, logo, background sounds, languages, and many other flipbook flash display settings.

The background of each template is static, but you can import local pictures as backgrounds. If you don’t have proper background files, choose one of the pre-designed dynamic scenes in this flip book maker.

This flipbook maker for Mac allows you to convert local flipbooks for uploading to your own websites or sending to others, or upload online directly. After uploading, you will get the URL of the flipbook. One-click to share flipbooks to social networks or embed to webpages or blogs.

share digital flip book

Click Book Management button of the flipbook maker to manage all uploaded flipbooks. Privacy settings allow you to designate people who can see this flipbook. When people want to read your flipbook created by this flip book maker for Mac, they will be asked to enter email addresses.