Digital Employee Handbook Software

Digital handbooks are easy to distribute, track and update. But PDF handbooks are outdated. 1stFlip digital handbook maker allows you to create online interactive handbook with multimedia, realistic page flip effect, password protection, etc.

  • Create, distribute, and host your online employee handbook.
  • Replace your PDF handbook with web-friendly HTML5 handbook.
  • Create responsive handbook with page flip effect.
  • Interactive employee handbook with music, video, YouTube video, button, etc.
  • Employee handbook will open instantly, work flawlessly, and look great on any device.
  • Pre-designed templates and customization options.
  • Upload employee handbook online to your website or 1stFlip Cloud.
  • Share employee handbook as a public or private link or embed to website.
  • Support searching, select and copy&paste employee handbook content.

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Free Online employee handbook Examples created with 1stFlip employee handbook maker

online digital employee handbook

How to create online interactive employee handbook with page turning effect

It’s very easy to create online employee handbook with 1stFlip. Follow below steps.  

Upload PDF

Download, install and run 1stFlip employee handbook maker on your Mac or windows. Start by uploading your existing PDF content. You can also start from scratch with Page Editor.

Customize employee handbook

Choose one of 21 templates or customize the design yourself.

Customize your employee handbook with background color, background image, background sound, page turn sound, page turn effect, flip orientation, page width/height, auto-flip, button color, toolbar color, privacy, logo, Google Analytics, SEO, etc.

Open Page Editor to add all kinds of interactive elements to your employee handbook, such as link, icon, image, audio, video, etc.

Publish your online employee handbook

When you’re done, upload the employee handbook and share with your employee via a public or private link.

Page flip digital employee handbook

Easy digital employee handbook creator. Take communication with your employees to a new level with professional interactive page flip handbooks. Your digital employee handbook can look like print copies with a page flip effect or be presented as slides.

customize digital employee handbook

digital employee handbook with multimedia

Interactive employee handbook with video/music

Add video, music, logo to your employee handbook.

Add any external links or hotspots to your employee handbook and link them to almost anything.

Add password to protect your employee handbook.

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Publish and share employee handbook online

Publish your digital employee handbook online to your website or 1stFlip server. When your handbook is ready, you get a link. Now you can email it to your employees or share it via social media. If you want your employee handbook to be seamlessly integrated into your website, just copy a simple code for website embedding.


online digital employee handbook maker

offline employee handbook

Access handbooks from anywhere, on any device

Share the handbook url or send it via email. Your employees can view it on any device with a browser.

Privacy settings

Add password to protect your employee handbook. Only people you have given the password to will be able to access the employee handbook.

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online digital employee handbook maker

Digital interactive employee handbook features

Search/select employee handbook content

Complete with search and select functionalities built-in.

Brand logo

Brand the employee handbook with your company’s logo.

Mobile friendly

Available to your employees as a mobile-responsive website.

Page turn effect

Page turn effect brings your employee handbook to life.

Share via email

Replace the PDF attachment with an elegant employee handbook link.


Set a password to employee handbook to protect company privacy.


Add interactivity to your employee handbook: embed videos, audio, links, buttons, etc.


Enable employees to download or print handbook as PDF.