Best way to store digital photos - Create a digital photo album

Smartphone photo function is getting more and more awesome, you may take a few photos every day. Take even more photos when you go out on a trip. Unknowingly, there are already thousands or even tens of thousands of photos in the phone. These photos will take up a lot of memory, so how do you usually store these photos?

Option 1. Save photos to hard drive.

Probably the most traditional way is to make regular copies to your computer or external hard drive. Of course, the disadvantage is obvious: you can't view these photos anytime and anywhere.

Option 2. Burn photos to CD/DVD.

This is a cheap and easy option to back up your favorite photos. However, CDs/DVDs can easily be scratched or lost, so be sure to consider an additional backup solution. The disadvantage is also that you can't browse the photos anytime and anywhere.

Option 3. Use online storage.

If you're not a heavy shooter, there are plenty of free online solutions for your needs, such as uploading your images to Flickr or Dropbox, or paying a small fee to securely store your images in a web-based photo library like SmugMug.

Option 4. Create online photo albums

We strongly recommended this option. No complicated templates, no need to embed photos one by one, just one click to select all your photos and turn them into an digital photo album with page-turning effect. You can add background music and embed videos as well. All you need to store is one url, or not. From the Book Management you can see all your animated photo albums. Sharing your photos has become so easy, just throw them a link.

Take a look at the digital photo album created by our users.


Follow the steps below to see how to turn your many photos into digital animated photo albums quickly.

Step 1 Import photos

Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.


Click the import button to import photos.

pdf to online digital menu

Step 2 Customize your photos

Choose from the templates to match your album style. Customize the settings, add backgroud music, password, etc. Replace the static background image with dynamic scenes or your own images. page flip menu


customize digital menu

Click Edit Pages to embed local video, YouTube and Vimeo video, music, text, icon, button, etc. or adjust photo order.

customize menu-with-video

Step 3 Upload menu online

3 Options

1. Click Upload Online to store your menu on 1stFlip Cloud hosting.