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Use 1stFlip digital guide maker to create all kinds of digital guides, such as user manual, buying guide, travel guide, etc. with realistic page turn effect. Engage your customers with a fascinating interactive guide.

  • Create all kinds of Guides with page flip effect.
  • Add audio or video introduction to enrich your Guide.
  • Strikingly stylish menu makes your reading more smoothly.
  • Viewable on desktops and mobile devices instantly.
  • Easy to manage and distribute your digital guides.
  • Integrate your digital Guides into your website/blog.
  • One click to share on social media.
  • Professionally designed templates that ANYONE can edit.
  • Customize, upload, store and edit digital Guide all-in-one.
  • Optimize your Guide for a better search result ranking.
  • Add password to prevent unwanted access of your Guide.

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How to make a digital Guide with page flip effect

1stFlip offers intuitive editing features and pre-designed templates, which allows you to create guides and instructions in a few clicks..

1. Upload PDF

Download, install and run 1stFlip Online Guide Creator on your Mac or windows. Import your PDF Guide.

2. Customize Guide

Customized your Guide with pre-designed templates, scene, etc. Upload your own background Add interactive elements such as button, music, video, etc.

3. Publish and Share

Online or offline Guides, you choose. 1stFlip offers multiple publishing options: upload to 1stflip server, your website, or publish offline Guide as html, zip, app and exe. You can also publish Guide as WordPress plugin, Joomla module or Drupal module.

Digital Guide with page flipping effect

1stFlip Guide Maker is the most user-friendly page flip software to change your PDF file into a fascinating responsive digital guide that can ve viewed on any Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Engage your readers with the smoothest-turning pages and functionality not available in your PDF or printed version guide.

1stFlip Guide Maker offers many settings and options to customize your digital Guide. Add background music, change background image, change page turn effect, etc.

Well-designed menus enhance the reading experience without distracting you.

Integrate with Google Analytics to get a full view of your Guides' performance.

Publish the digital Guide online to your website or 1stFlip cloud. Save a project and you can edit it whenever you want.

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digital lookbook with multimedia

Digital interactive Guide

Adding interactivity is easy! 1stFlip digital guide maker allows you to add local video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, audio, link, button, etc. to enrich your content and make it easier for users.

Add hyperlinks and internal links, including links to your online store.

Add background music, logo or change page flip effect.

Publish and share your Guide

Online guide publishing is easy! Readers can also download PDF versions and print them.

Simply click UPLOAD and turn your PDF guide into an interactive digital guide.

Upload your Guide to 1stFlip cloud hosting or your own website. Distribute the url and your digital guides work on any device via browser without having to install any third party software.

Or publish offline Guide copies as html, zip, app or exe.

Share your Guide with your customers via email, just send them a link. No more need to attach any files.

Although digital Guide is easy to distribute, sometimes you may want to physical copy. 1stFlip allows you and your customers to download and print your Guide in high resolution.

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Digital Guide Maker features


Allows customers to search the Guide and quickly find what whey want to order.

Brand logo

Include your company logo in the online Guide to market your business.

Mobile friendly

Your responsive guide is always available for your readers, viewable on desktops and mobile devices.

Page flip effect

Your readers will love the fascinating flip effect when they are browsing the guide.

Embed on Your Website

Present your digital guide on your website or Wordpress blog.


Your readers will be eager to share your flip guides on social media.


Add video or audio to make your guide more clear.


Enable download or print feature, so your readers can get the PDF for printing.

Create your interactive Guide Now

Create professional Business Guide, Financial Guide, annual Guide, school Guide, project status Guide, etc., digital and printable 

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