How to insert link area to flipping book pages?

With 1stFlip Flash/HTML5 Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac or Windows, you can insert link area to your flipbook pages. Link area can highlight your hyperlinks, so that readers can find out these links easier. How to insert link area to flipbook pages? You can learn it from the following steps.

Step 1 Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Maker Pro on your Mac or Windows. Import the PDF or images which you plan to use.

flash/html5 flipbook maker

Step 2 Click Edit Pages button on the top of 1stFlip Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac to enter the page editor interface. Click Link Area button and draw an area where you want to add hyperlink.

add link to page flip ebook

Step 3 Change the color to highlight your hyperlink. You can select different colors so that your readers can find these links easier.

set flipbook link color

Step 4 Click "Add Action" to select action type. You can link to a page, a website or call JavaScript function. Select “ Go to page” and enter the page number if you want to link this page to another page within your flipbook. Click” Open a Link” and enter a URL, then you can open a website by clicking the link area. Select “ Play Audio” and click select button, then choose an audio file from the local audios. Readers can enjoy audio after they click link area. After selecting action type, you can click OK button to save the action.

add hyperlink to flipbook

At last, click File - Save and Exit. After converting to local page flip catalogs or uploading online, readers can click the link area to open links you set.