How to create HTML5 flipbook on Mac?

With 1stFlip HTML5 Flipbook Maker, you can easily convert PDF/images to HTML5 flipbooks to view on any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.

1. Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Mac on your Mac.

Standard version | Pro version

2. Click Import button to choose PDF files, page ranges, quality, and format. Check "Import bookmarks", "Import links" if there are and you want to preserve them. Then click Import.

PDF to HTML5 flipbook

3. Choose Mobile icon to edit and preview your HTML5 flipbook.

create HTML5 flipbook

4. Now you need to decide whether to
a. Convert to local flipbook (can be uploaded to your website or server later),
b. Upload to 1stFlip Cloud directly.

Convert to local flipbook:

Click Publish button and choose .html format. If you want to display Flash flipbook for desktop/laptop readers and HTML5 flipbook for mobile readers , choose Flash-HTML5 . If you want to create pure HTML5 flipbooks , choose HTML5 only .

create HTML5 flipbook

Below is content you will get when you choose Flash-HTML5, Flash only and HTML5 only respectively.

upload flipbook to own website

Upload the whole output folder to your website.

If you choose Flash-HTML5, The flipbook url will be name/file name.html.

In this example, file name is index. The flipbook url is name/index.html.

Open name/file name.html on mobile devices, it will automatically direct to name/mobile.html.

If you choose Flash only, flipbook url will be name/file name.html.

If you choose HTML5 only, flipbook url will be name/mobile.html.

Upload to 1stFlip Cloud

Click Upload Online button, enter Title and Description of the flipbook, select “Flash-HTML5” "Flash only" or "HTML5 only" and click Upload.

online html5 flipbook

After uploading, you will get the URL of the flipbook like

If you choose HTML5 only, it will display HTML5 flipbooks on all mobile devices and computers.

If you choose Flash-HTML5, it will display Flash flipbooks on computer and HTML5 flipbooks on mobile devices.

You can also add mobile.html to the flipbook url to view HTML5 flipbooks on computer, such as