Output formats of flipbook – html, zip, app or exe?

What kind of output format should I use for the flipbook? It depends on where and how you make it available to the readers.

1stFlip PDF to Flip ebook Converter supports 4 output formats: .html, .zip, .app and .exe.

publish local flipbook as html, zip, app, exe

You will get the following when you choose output format html, zip, app and exe respectively.

html, zip, app, exe flipbook

.html: Choosing this format you will get a folder containing book.swf, 3 folders named files, template and mobile respectively and a .html file. Open the .html file in browser to view the flipbook. Upload the while folder to your server or cloud storage for online reading.

.zip: zipped version of the .html output. When you need to email flipbook to your readers, choose this format.

.app: application to run on Mac, can be submitted to iTunes app store.

.exe: Windows .exe (standalone executable) to run on any Windows PC.

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