How to join multiple PDF documents and images into a single flipbook?

1stFlip Flipbook Creator allows you to join multiple PDF documents and images into a single page-flipping publication (magazine, brochure, catalog, e-book, album, etc.).

First, click Import and Browse icon to import one PDF file first. You can choose to import all pages or designated pages by specifying page numbers in the corresponding field. Check the Import Options you needed.

import PDF to flipbook maker

Or you can click the Import images button to import images first.

import images to flipbook maker

After importing PDF file or images, click the Edit Pages button to open the Page Editor window:

flip book page editor

Click on the left side to insert more PDF files or images. Select any existing page in the thumbnail pane to insert new PDF file or images before or after it. You can also insert PDF or images before the first page or after the last page.

Insert new PDF:

import multiple PDFs

Insert new images:

import pictures

If you need to re-order the pages, select the thumbnail of the page you want to move and click until you find the location where you want the page to appear. .

To remove a page, select its thumbnail, then click .

Download the free trial of 1stFlip Flip Book Creator and join multiple PDF documents and images to make a Flash or HTML5 flipbook.