HTML5 Flipbook Flip and Slide Animation

Different readers have different reading habits, so slide and flip mode are both important reading mode option. Users can select flip or slide mode, and it will bring different reading experience to readers.

The flip mode has a great effect because so many people are used to read books in flip mode. The flip mode makes flipbooks look or feel like real books. If users add the page flip sound to their flipbooks, flipbooks seem to be more real. It shows that the flip mode is popular among the readers who usually use desktop and laptop.

Today it is more convenience for readers to view books on mobile devices, especially for iPhone and iPad. On mobile devices the slide mode will give readers a better reading experience than the flip mode. The slide mode makes flipbooks suit the range of different mobile devices.

It is usual that many people want to flip pages so that they can view smoothly. But some people would like to view flipbook in slide mode. 1stFlip Flipbook Creator provides flip and slide option so that users can view your pages more comfortable. How to use flip or slide mode? You can learn it from the below steps.

HTML5 flipbook responsive design

Step 1 Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac.
Step 2 Click the Mobile on the top of 1stFlip Flipbook Creator.
Step 3 Find out Default Flip Mode in Stage Settings and select Flip or Slide mode.