How to search flipbook contents?

How to find information in a page-flipping publication? Flipping books created by 1stFlip Flip Book Maker Software allows you to search flipbook contents to quickly find the content that matters to you. This tutorial will show you how to enable the search feature.

Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipping book software. Click Import button to import PDF file or images, remember to check the Support searching option.

enable flipbook search feature

After importing, click below Search icon on the toolbar and type the text you want to find in the pop-up search box, then click the Search icon on the right side. The search results show all flip pages where the text was found. Click any search result to go to the location of the text in the flipping book. Search results are highlighted in yellow on the flipping pages.

search flipping book content

Please note that if the original PDF content is not searchable, you can’t search the flipbook content even though you have checked the “Support searching”. To check whether the content is searchable please open the PDF file with Adobe Reader and select the PDF content. If the text is highlighted, it means the flipbook content can be searched.

See how to select and copy page-flipping book text while reading the flipbook on Mac, PC or mobile devices.