How to publish Drupal module and insert flipbook into Drupal?

To insert flipbook created by 1stFlip FlipBook Creator to Drupal, you can publish Drupal module first and then insert to Drupal.

1. Publish flipbook to Drupal module

After importing PDF and customize your flipbook, click the Publish Plugin button to open the below window:

create flipbook as drupal module

Enter module name and title of the flipbook, or you can set size of the flipbook, then click Publish.

2. Log into your Drupal account, click Modules

drupal modules3. In the pop up window click Install new module

install new drupal module

4. Choose the created zip module file and click Install.

install new drupal module

After installation, you will get the following window, click “Enable newly added modules”.

enable newly added modules

Check the newly added module in the Modules list and click Save Configuration to enable it.


Then go to your Drupal page to view the flipbook.

flipbook in drupal website

Download the free trial of 1stFlip Flash/HTML5 Flip Book Creator and insert flipbooks into your Drupal website.