How to add new pages to flipbook?

With 1stFlip Flipbook Creator, it is easy to add new pages to your flipbook.
Step 1. Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro on your Mac or Windows. Click Import button to import PDF.

pdf to flash/html5 flipbook

Step 2. After importing, click Edit Pages button to open Pages Editor Window. Click on the left side to insert more pages or images. You can insert pages before the current page or after the last page. You can also select the page quality from Lower to Higher. Click Browse button and locate the PDF file on your computer's hard drive. You can choose to import all pages or designated pages by specifying page numbers in the corresponding field.

add new flip book pages

Step 3 After choosing pages, click Insert.
If you need to re-order the pages, select the thumbnail of the page you want to move on the left side and click until you find the location where you want the page to appear.

To remove a page, select its thumbnail, and then click .