How to create bookmarks for flipbook?

Bookmarks or table of contents are navigational tools that allow the reader to quickly locate and link to points of interest within a document. With 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Software, you can preserve original PDF bookmarks and add new bookmarks while converting PDF to page-flipping publications.

Check the Import bookmarks option when you import PDF file if you want to keep the original PDF bookmark.

import PDF to create flipbook

After importing PDF, you will find all bookmarks are preserved. Click the Bookmark icon in the blue rectangle to view all bookmarks and navigate content.

flipbook bookmarks

If the imported PDF doesn't contain bookmark or you want to edit the existing bookmarks, click the icons in below blue rectangle to add new bookmark, add child bookmark, adjust bookmark order, import or export bookmark, or delete unwanted bookmarks.

edit flipbook bookmark

Download the free trial of 1stFlip Page Flip Book Creator and add bookmark to your flip books.