1stFlip Photo album software

Nowadays, people prefer to save photos on their desktops or phones without printing them. One of the best ways to organize them is to create an online photo album, when you want to view the photos, just open the link and share with your family/friends. Currently there are many photo album software for you to create digital photo album by yourself.

1stFlip Photo album software helps you create digital photo album with:

  • Realistic page flip animation
  • Audio clips
  • YouTube/Vimeo Video, local video
  • Links
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Background music
  • Video background
  • Download, print feature
  • Thumbnail

Download Mac version Download PC version

Online photo album with Page flipping effect

Compared to printed photo album, online photo albums are easier to access and share. Online albums don't take up your bookshelf or closet like physical albums do. All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone, and you can share your albums with friends and family by opening your browser. This link will work forever, so be bold and delete your photos to make more space.

How to Create an Interactive photo album

Prepare all photos on your Mac or Windows. Run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator and import your photos, the page flip animation is automatically applied. Now customize your photo album and add interactive elements.

  • Choose templates and scenes for your photo album, or use your own background image/GIF
  • Add background music
  • Choose page turn effect: flip or slide, single or double page view
  • Add password to your photo album
  • Embed link, button, chart, video, audio, annotation, etc. to your photo album
  • Publish photo album to your server, 1stFlip cloud hosting or save to local.
  • Share online photo album link to your family or friends.
  • View your online photo album on any desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.
online page flipping photo album