School Yearbook Maker

It’s time for high school yearbooks to go digital. Create stuning college, high school, middle school or elementary school yearbooks using 1stFlip yearbook maker. Advantages of 1stFlip yearbook maker includes:

  • Powerful tool to create knockout yearbooks.
  • Simulate printed yearbooks with page turn animations.
  • Create school yearbooks alive with audio, video, picture and text.
  • Access online school yearbook from any Mac, PC, tablet and phone.
  • Share yearbook as links or embed into website.
  • Publish yearbooks online to 1stFlip Cloud Hosting or your own server.
  • Add password to prevent unwanted access of your yearbook.

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How to make a digital school yearbook with 1stFlip

Discover how easy it is to create your digital school yearbook with easy-to-use yearbook maker software that is super simple, imaginative and powerful. Get user-friendly, powerful yearbook design tools right at your fingertips.

A school yearbook is a publication that captures the people and events of their school lives during a particular year. Digital yearbooks are easier to distribute and share than printed yearbooks. Digital yearbook looks exactly like the print version of your yearbook, but it’s interactive with video, music, link, etc. integration. Create virtual memories with 1stFlip, the digital yearbook maker!


add music to digital publication

Upload PDF/images or start from scratch

Download, install and run 1stFlip Yearbook Creator on your Mac or Windows.

Upload a PDF file or images and 1stFlip will convert it into digital yearbook with page flipping effect immediately. 


Customize yearbook

Design and edit your yearbook. Discover multiple, easy-to-use options to adjust the appearance of your yearbooks. Choose an appropriate template and scene. Add your logo, background music, button style, etc.

add video

add music to digital publication

Add Interactive Elements

This digital format imbues yearbook with several obvious advantages. One is the ability to include audio and video in addition to the yearbook photos online.

Publish online/offline yearbook

Share and enjoy the yearbook online. Get the url and share the yearbook anywhere you want. Embed it to your webpage or blog.

Or output it in flexible formats: html, exe, app, zip, and plug-in.

add image to digital publication

Interactive school yearbook with rich media

Yearbooks should not only contain photos, feature stories, sidebars, interviews, but videos can better document the students' campus life.


Personalize your yearbook with audio and video. Never miss a school moment.


Access your yearbook on the web from any phone, tablet and computer.  Create user logins and permissions. Enable or disable download/print.

customize digital yearbook

page editor

Starting your digital school yearbook design

1stFlip yearbook maker makes creating, designing and executing an entire yearbook so easy!

Download Mac version Download PC version