1stFlip Flipbook Creator Mac - PDF to Flash&HTML5 Flipbook Maker Software for Mac

1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Mac is perfect HTML5 flip book maker software to convert PDF to Flash&HTML5 page-flipping flipbooks, magazines, brochures, catalogs, flyers, presentations, e-books, newspapers, newsletters, photo albums that are available across Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices. Boost your online business with attractive digital Flash/HTML5 flipbooks.

  • PDF to Flash page flipping books software to convert PDF to flash flipbooks.
  • Convert PDF to HTML5 flipbook to view on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Support Flash-HTML5, Flash Only and HTML5 Only flipbook.
  • Add template, scene, logo, Google Analytics ID etc. to flipping books
  • Convert PDF to html, zip, app, and exe flipbook for offline reading.
  • Upload flash/HTML5 flipbook to own website easily with the built-in FTP.
  • Upload flipbook directly with 1stFlip flipbook creator’s Cloud service.
  • Search and select flip page contents.
  • Preserve and edit original PDF bookmarks or add new bookmarks.
  • Responsive Design Mode - preview flipbook across different mobile devices.
  • Create flipbook in minimal mode without toolbar or buttons. flipbook maker new features
  • Flipbook password protection, social network sharing. flipbook creator new features
  • Print flipbook pages. flipbook creator new features

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.0 - 10.12.2

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HTML5 Flipbook Maker Software

Don’t want to use Flash? It’s OK. 1stFlip Flipbook Creator allows you to create pure HTML5 flipbooks. No matter you are publishing offline flipbook or online flipbook, just check the “HTML5 only” option, and then you and your readers can view the HTML5 flipbook on any Mac, PC and mobile devices without Flash.
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flip photo album

Responsive Flipbook Design

  • Preview how your HTML5 flipbook looks like on different mobile devices - including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices in Responsive Design Mode.
  • Simply switch from portrait (one page) to landscape (double pages) perspective in Flip mode with realistic page-turning effect. You can also choose Slide mode for your reference. Click to view the video

Convert PDF to digital page-flipping flipbooks on Mac

1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Mac is a professional PDF to HTML5 and Flash page flipbook maker that allows you to convert PDF and images (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp and more) into digital page flipping magazines, brochures, catalogs, e-books on Mac. Readers just need to click the flip button to turn pages or make the PDF flipbook auto flip, instead of scrolling up and down to navigate through the PDF files. Thumbnails window allows readers to quickly scan the Flash/HTML5 page flipping publications.

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Convert images to digital page-flipping photo albums

1stFlip PDF to flash page flipbook software is also a digital page flipping album maker allowing you to create realistic 3D photo album with page-flipping effects. You can add as many as pictures from your image collections. Adjust images orders and set image quality.

Publish local flipbook and upload to your web hosting

  • Convert PDF files to local flash flipbook in html, zip, app, and exe format with 1stFlip PDF to flash page-flipping book converter.
  • Upload html flipbook to your website to view it online on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.
  • Send ZIP flipbook to readers via email to read with a local URL on their computers.
  • Or open the executable flipbook APP on Mac and EXE flipbooks on Windows.
  • Learn more about local flip ebooks >
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Upload and manage your flipbooks instantly with built-in Cloud service or FTP

  • 1stFlip PDF to flash flipbook converter software allows you to one-click upload digital flash/html5 flipping books to 1stFlip Cloud.
  • Easily access and manage all uploaded flipping books on the Book Management Center.
  • Private settings allow you to designate readers who can read your online flipbook. Or block the flipbook from being accessed on the Internet or delete flipbooks unwanted.
  • Besides, you can also upload flipbook to your website or blog with the built-in FTP client.
    Learn more about flash page flip books Uploading >

Customizable Flipbook templates and dynamic background

  • 1stFlip PDF to flip book maker software provides multiple templates and scenes for you to make personalized HTML5 and Flash e-books.
  • Different templates show the toolbar of the flipbook flash in different styles and positions.
  • Detailed template parameters allow you to customize flipbook freely.
  • Create flash page flip books along with background music, thumbnails, zoom button, full screen button, auto flip button, language switchable toolbar, etc.
  • Add logo to the flash flipbook and link the logo to your company or any website for easy navigation.
  • Built-in dynamic scenes help to make your flipbooks more fantastic. You can also set your image and .swf file as flipbook background.
  • Set password to protect flipbook or create flipbook in minimal mode without toolbar and buttons.
  • Enable original PDF print or download feature according to your preference.
flipbook online, google analytics

flipbook online, google analytics

Add background music to entice flipbooks reading

  • 1stFlip Mac flash page flip book software supports adding background music to digital flipbooks.
  • Enable Sound button and it will be shown on the toolbar. Import audio files from your computer and set sound loops.
  • Readers can scan your flipbook and enjoy beautiful music at the same time. Switch between Sound on and Sound off to control the play of flipbook background music when reading the flipbook, online or offline.
    Learn more about page flip book background music >

Share flipbook with your readers, wherever they are

  • Sharing your flash/html5 flipping book with 1stFlip PDF to flash flipping book converter for Mac is so simple.
  • After uploading the flipbooks to 1stFlip Cloud storage, you will get the unique URL of the PDF flipbook. You can send readers the direct link or you can one-click to share the flash flipping book to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other social networks.
  • Or copy the embed code to your website or blog for sharing with your readers. It allows you to set the flash size of the flipbook when embed it to your website or blog.
  • Enable Social Sharing feature and then readers can share your flipbook to social networks.
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Track the traffic of your PDF flip books with Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics integrated. You may need data to know how readers are reading your online flipbooks.
  • Keep track of your flipping books on the go by analyzing your PDF flip eBook's traffic. With Google Analytics, it is easy to know how many people have read your flipbook.
  • Just copy and paste the tracking code provided by Google Analytics to your flipbook and soon you will be able to get data about your PDF flip ebooks and learn about your audience.

SEO friendly flipbook

1stFlip Flipbook Creator allows you to create basic html flipbook for search engines. SEO friendly flipbook content attracts search engines and more readers. If you don't want search engines to crawl or index your flipbook, just disable SEO option in Settings.

mac flipbook creator, scenes, templates

mac flipbook creator, scenes, templates

Search and select any contents within the flip book page

  • Check the Support searching option when importing PDF, and then readers can search any content they want by clicking the Search button on the flash page flipbook interface.
  • Results will be displayed on the left side with page number information. Besides, readers can select text they need and paste anywhere.

Flipbook Protection

1stFlip flip book maker software allows you to add password to protect your online/offline flipbooks from unwanted access. You can add password to lock all pages. Or you can leave first several pages public and add password to following pages.

add password to protect flipbook

add password to protect flipbook

Flipbook Features

While viewing your flipbook, readers can download or print original PDF, share flipbook to social networks, search flipbook content, select&copy text, view flipbook bookmark/thumbnails, view in fullscreen, zoom in/out, turn on/off background music or set pages flip automatically. Of course, you can disable any of these features while creating your flipbook.

Lifetime Free Updates

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LAN Preview

Preview your PDF flipbook on any device within your Local Area Network before uploading flipbook online.

Company logo

Add your company logo to the top left corner of the flip ebook and link the logo to your website.

Auto-import bookmark

Automatically imports original bookmarks from PDF and allows you to edit the bookmarks.

Multilingual flipbook

The flash flip ebook's interface supports multiple languages which are switchable while reading.