1stFlip Makes your digital content SEO friendly

Building consistent organic search traffic is every digital publisher’s dream. But what does it really take to make your content SEO friendly? 1stFlip Flipbook Maker will help you.

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Create Search Engine Optimized HTML version

If your content is complex, for example, containing many video, audio and images, create a text-only HTML version for search engine to help visitors find their way to the content they’re looking for.

digital content seo

flipbook title description

Add SEO title and meta description

The SEO title and meta description are what usually show up when your page appears on Google or any other search engine. Unique titles and descriptions for your digital flipbook are significantly better for SEO, and lead to a better user experience.

Use Google Analytics to Improve SEO Performance

Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used free SEO analytics tools. Integrate Google Analytics ID or tracking code to your flipbook to monitor (and improve) SEO performance) from keywords to your digital content’s top referrals and so much more.

digital content seo