1stFlip Keeps your digital content private and secure

Turn your pdf into a publication with page turning effect! No need to worry about security. Whether you upload to 1stFlip cloud hosting, your website, or publish your local files, 1stflip keeps your publications safe.  

Digital publication with password

1stFlip allows you to add password to protect your online and offline flipbook. Appl ythe password to all pages or designate pages, which is very useful when you want to sell your publication online.

Leave the first several pages public, for continue reading, a password is needed.

View this demo with password: 123456

customize digital proposal

digital proposal with multimedia

Disable download/print feature

Digital publication created with 1stFlip feature a background image and toolbars. Buttons on the toolbar allows you to turn on auto-flip, play background music, share the flipbook, print or download PDF, etc.

It also allows you to disable these features depending on your needs.