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Many other online pamphlet maker only supports create digital pamphlet as a PDF, JPG or PNG file. However, 1stFlip allows you to create online digital pamphlet with realistic page turn effect and multimedia. Use 1stFlip flipbook maker to create an in-depth pamphlet that stands out from the crowd in just minutes.

  • Eye-catching digital pamphlets with page flip effect.
  • Add audio or video introduction to enrich your Pamphlet.
  • Accessible on any Mac/PC/iPad/iPhone /Android via browser.
  • Realistic page turn effect.
  • Integrate your digital pamphlets into your website/blog.
  • One click to share on social media.
  • Professionally designed templates that ANYONE can edit.
  • Customize, upload, store and edit digital Pamphlet all-in-one.

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Why you should make digital Pamphlet with 1stFlip

1stFlip Online Pamphlet maker takes your digital pamphlet to the next level by adding realistic page flipping effect and multimedia. All you need to do is import your PDF pamphlet, customize it as little or as much as you like with templates, logo, background music, background image, scene, etc. Add more images, music, video or other elements with the [powerful page editor.

Once you’re done designing your pamphlet, upload it online and distribute it to the right audiences via a single url. You can also publish offline versions and send them via email.

add music to digital publication

Import PDF/images or start from scratch

Download, install and run 1stFlip e-pamphlet maker on your Mac or Windows.

Upload a PDF file or images and 1stFlip will convert it into HTML5 realistic page flipping digital pamphlet immediately. 


Customize pamphlet

Choose from professionally designed templates to customize your pamphlet. Change background image to dynamic scenes or add your own background image. Add your logo, background music, change button style, enable/disable certain buttons.

add video

add music to digital publication

Add Interactive Elements

Add any YouTube, Vimeo, or your own videos to further captivate your audience. Add background music or add music to certain page.

Publish online/offline pamphlet

Upload the digital pamphlet to 1stFlip server or your domain. Embed your publication into websites and blogs. Track and measure every digital pamphlet you create.

add image to digital publication

Online interactive pamphlet with multimedia

Add video, music to make your pamphlet more vivid and attractive.

1stFlip Pamphlet Maker offers many settings and options to customize your digital pamphlet. Add background music, change background image, change page turn effect, etc.

Publish the digital Pamphlet online to your website or 1stFlip cloud. Save a project and you can edit it whenever you want.

Pamphlet maker

digital lookbook with multimedia

Digital pamphlet with page flip effect

Say goodbye to static image or PDF pamphlet, say hello to digital pamphlet with page flipping effect.

Share your pamphlet with your customers via email, just send them a link. No more need to attach any files.

Although eye-catching e-pamphlet is easy to distribute, sometimes you may want to physical copy. 1stFlip allows you and your customers to download and print your pamphlet in high resolution.

Digital pamphlet Maker features


Allows customers to search the digital pamphlet and quickly find what whey want.

Brand logo

Include your company logo in the digital pamphlet to market your business.

Mobile friendly

Your online pamphlet displays perfectly on any desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Browser friendly.

Page turn effect

Simulate paper pamphlet with page turn animations.

Custom domains

Link the digital pamphlet to your domain or embed to blog/website.

Share online

Distribute your digital pamphlets on social network.


Insert video, audio to your digital pamphlet to make it more vivid.


Enable download or print feature, so your readers can get the PDF for printing.

Create your interactive digital pamphlet Now

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