Free Digital Booklet Maker

1stFlip Digital Booklet Maker helps you convert PDFs into interactive digital booklets with realistic page-flipping effect for both desktop and mobile devices. Allow readers access your online booklet on any computer, tablet and phone. You can even add rich media such as video, music to your digital booklet.

  • Easily create beautiful booklets online.
  • Convert static PDF files into interactive digital booklets.
  • Add rich media such as video, audio, background music, link, etc. to create interactive booklet.
  • Access online booklets on any platform: desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Create offline Booklets in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
  • Upload flip Booklet to your own website using the built-in FTP
  • Publish your booklet online to 1stFlip Cloud-based server.
  • Embed online booklet to your webpage/blog.
  • Allow readers to searching, select and copy&paste Booklet content.
  • Share digital bookelts on social media channels or send them via email.

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Free Online Booklet Examples

online digital proposal

Below is an example of how your page flip digital booklet looks like if embedded on your website.

How to make a digital booklet

How to make a digital booklet

Create your digital booklet with realistic page turning effect,just like reading printed booklet on your desktop, laptop, tabet and mobile. Add more rich media, embed to your webpage or blog.

Step 1 Import your PDF booklet

Download, install and run 1stFlip Flipbook Creator on your Mac and Windows. Start designing by uploading your own PDF booklet.

Step 2 Customize your booklet with free booklet templates, add multimedia.

Customize your booklet with free templates, dynamic scene, background music, add your logo, set booklet privacy, Google Analytics, etc. enrich your booklet content with YouTube, Vimeo, local video, music player, button, etc.

Step 3 Publish your digital booklet online/offline.

Upload your digital booklet to 1stFlip cloud hosting, your own website, or publish offline booklet. Share them to social network, send via email, or embed to webpage/blog, etc.

PDF to booklet creator

Want to make your booklet even better? Let 1stflip flipbook Creator help you. No need any design or programming to make your static booklet move. Convert PDF to online booklet with realistic page flipping effect. Realistic page flip effect can be achieved smoothly on computer, tablet, phone. Background music, related videos, interactive booklet can show everything you want to express.

customize digital Booklet

digital Booklet with multimedia

Booklet with multimedia

1stFlip PDF booklet creator allows you to add more interactive media than the traditional printed booklet.  Include advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with your digital booklet. You can add background music, audio commentary on a page only, or insert local videos/YouTube videos/Vimeo videos. The use of hyperlinks allows the reader to access more relevant information.

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Upload and share Booklets online

Publish your digital Booklets online on your website and 1stFlip server, share your booklets via emails or through social media. The instant Upload Online feature makes it fast and easy to upload flipping Booklet to 1stFlip Cloud. Also you can upload to own website/server with the built-in FTP client. Send a link to share with others. Embed booklet to your blog/webpage with a few lines of codes or share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

online digital Booklet maker

mobile friendly HTML5 Booklet

Looks perfect on tablet and mobile

Nowadays, people use tablets and cell phones to view all kinds of content, so your digital booklet must be perfectly compatible with mobile devices. The booklet created with 1stflip meets this requirement. Based on HTML5 technology, your digital booklet will look great on every phone or tablet.

Create offline Booklets

If you don’t want your digital page-flipping Booklet to be available online, create an offline version with 1stFlip Booklet creator. The offline digital Booklet publication can be saved in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe, which can be viewed offline, and distributed via email, CD, or a server.

create Booklet APP/EXE

online Booklet protection

Booklet password protection

Add password protection to your digital booklets, so only people who know the password can access and read the booklet, which is very safe to your content.

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Free Booklet templates

1stFlip booklet software offers many pre-designed templates to make your booklet more attractive. Customize the booklet templates to fit your needs. 

free Booklet template

Search/select Booklet content

Search whatever you want within the page-flipping Booklet.

Embed Booklet to webpage/blog

Embed page flip Booklet into your website/blog with the provided embed code.

Google Analytics Integration

Get even more detail on how readers find and use your Booklets by integrating Google Analytics.

Multilingual interface

The Booklet toolbar supports multiple languages which are switchable while reading.