1stFlip FlipBook Creator Standard/Pro for Mac/Windows 2.4.1 New Features

1. 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Standard/Pro for Mac/Windows allows you to create flipbook in Minime Style: hide toolbar and all buttons.

flipbook minime style

2. When you preserve the toolbar, all buttons on the flipbook toolbar can be enabled or disabled.

flipbook toolbar buttons

flipbook toolbar buttons

3. Flipbook password protection.

Click below icon to edit privacy settings:

protect flipbook with password

You can set one password for your flipbook or one password per reader. The password can be used to protect:

All flipbook pages: readers need to enter password to view your flipbook.

Exclude First N pages: readers can view the first N pages, they will be asked for password when they go on reading.

Enter your password or click Auto Generate.

flipbook password

Choose Per Reader Password. Click Edit to open below window.

Click below green button to auto generate username and password. Or double click relevant area to edit.

flipbook password

Readers will be asked to enter password when viewing your flipbook:

flipbook privacy settings

4. Add ?pageIndex=N (N means page number) after the flipbook url if you want to open certain page instead of first page when the flipbook is loaded. Try: https://online.1stflip.com/dpir/34iv/?pageIndex=3