Online proposal Maker - Create digital interactive proposal

Engage you clients with print-like digital interactive proposals. 1stFlip Digital proposal Maker helps you transform static PDF into interactive digital proposals with realistic page turning effect. Attract more customers with your digital proposal, which features smooth page flipping effect and many interactive features.

  • Create HTML5 page flip brochure from PDF.
  • Print-like digital proposals with multiple interactive features.
  • Interactive proposal with music, video, YouTube video, button, etc.
  • View proposals instantly, in any browser, on any screen.
  • Pre-designed templates and customization options.
  • Create offline proposal in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
  • Upload proposal online to your website or 1stFlip Cloud.
  • Share proposal as a public or private link or embed to website.
  • Support searching, select and copy&paste proposal content.
  • Organize online proposals with the Book Management.

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Free Online proposal Examples created with 1stFlip proposal maker

online digital proposal

How to create online interactive proposal with page turning effect

It’s very easy to create online proposals with 1stFlip. Follow below steps.  

Upload PDF

Download, install and run 1stFlip proposal maker on your Mac or windows. Import your PDF proposal or create one from scratch.

Customize proposal

Customize your proposal with pre-designed tenplates and scenes.

Customize the templates with background color, background image, background sound, page turn sound, page turn effect, right to left, page width/height, auto-flip, button color, toolbar color, privacy, logo, Google Analytics, SEO, etc.

Open Page Editor to add all kinds of interactive elements to your proposal, such as link, icon, image, audio, video, etc.

Publish and Share

When you’re done, upload the proposal and share with your client via a public or private link. Share to social media or embed into your website. You can also publish offline copy and send them the file.

Make your digital proposal flip

Create digital proposal with page flip effect or slide effect, just like printed copies. Choose a template for your proposal, customize it according to your needs.

Add your logo, background music, background image, etc. to make your proposal more unique.
customize digital proposal

digital proposal with multimedia

Interactive proposal with video/music

Use Page Editor to create interactive proposal with line, shape, callout, text, image, SWF, GIF, music, video, YouTube video, number icon, link and button.

Combine multiple PDF files into one proposal, adjust page order or delete unwanted pages.

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Publish and share proposals online

Publish your digital proposals online to your website or 1stFlip server, share via emails and through social media.

Share your proposal as a link. Once your clients receive the proposal link, they can open it on any desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, via browser.

Add password to protect your proposal and only inform clients you trust.

online digital proposal maker

offline proposal

Create offline proposals

Don't want to upload proposals online? It's OK. Create offline proposals in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.

Open the app and exe proposal on any Mac or Windows instantly without installing.

Privacy settings

Add password to protect your proposals. Only people you have given the password to will be able to access the proposal.

You can also disable the sharing, downloading and printing of your proposal.

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online digital proposal maker

Digital interactive proposal features

Search/select proposal content

Search whatever you want within the page-flipping proposal.

Brand logo

Brand the proposal with your company’s logo. No ads.

Mobile friendly

Responsive design ensures your proposal works flawlessly on any device.

Page turn effect

Realistic page turn effect looks as awesome as if it were printed.

Share via email

Replace the PDF attachment with an elegant proposal link.


Set a password or disable download and print feature to protect proposal content.


Embed videos, audio, links, buttons, etc. to make your proposal more entertaining.


Enable clients to download or print your PDF proposal.